Nominate a Property

You are encouraged to nominate your property or project in the Mosman Design Awards.

Nominations can be made online, although we do require an A2 exhibition board to be mailed or delivered to Council. Conditions of entry are listed below.

  1. The building must be located within the Mosman Local Government Area – map PDF
  2. The works must have been completed since September 2012.
  3. The property owner must grant consent for the nomination.
  4. To nominate in the Heritage Conservation category the building must be a Heritage listed item or be located within a Heritage Conservation Area.
  5. Council projects are ineligible to win an award; however, they may be nominated in order to receive feedback from the Judges.
  6. You must submit the following to Council:
    1. a completed online nomination form;
    2. five photos uploaded via the nomination form;
    3. a completed Owner’s consent form and
    4. an A2 exhibition board.

Nominations close Friday 30 January 2015.